Us at The End of the Avenue

The End of the Avenue is a wife and husband run business, based in Cheshire. It was started by Angharad, who was later joined by Dave.
“We moved to the end of the Avenue in 2015 so that we could have a little more space to enjoy our passions for simple living, growing our own, beekeeping, and keeping chickens, and so that we could raise our children in a place where they could share our love of the countryside.
The house and garden allowed us to expand our dreams, and to develop our interests and experience, so that we can we can now share our passions with you.
Everything you see in our little shop has come from one of these passions and pastimes; whether it’s handmade crochet bows or beeswax candles from our own hives, or through us finding a brilliant product that has become a lasting part of our house and lifestyle.
Our goal is to offer products that we love, that will last, and that will not cost the earth to make - much like the simple, and environmentally-friendly, products from the days of small cottage industries. We want to share the wares of our friends who, like us, are passionate about their bespoke products, and who take the time and effort to craft with care.
We hope that you enjoy our shop as much as we love to source and make the products that fill our home at the end of the avenue.”

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