Blackberry Wine

Makes about 6 wine bottles worth

1.5kg Blackberries ( I tend to freeze mine and make the wine when I think I have the full amount)

1.2kg Sugar

1 tsp Pectin Enzyme

1 tsp Yeast Nutrient

5g Sachet Red Wine Yeast

Crush the berries gently in the bottom of a fermenting bucket with a potato masher, add the sugar the pour on 4.5 litres of boiling water. Allow to cool until just warm, then add the pectin enzyme. once cooled, check the specific gravity and adjust if necessary to 1095. Cover and leave for 24 hours.

Stir in the yeast nutrient, aerate, then pitch the yeast. Leave to ferment for a week, stirring everyday except the last, then siphon or strain into a demi-john and fit an air lock. 

Rack off into a second demi-john when fermentation apears to have ceased. Bottle once the wine is clear. wait a year before drinking.

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