Gifts and Guests

Guest Soaps
If you are looking for a beautiful, unique and memorable present for your wedding guests, holiday-home visitors, or corporate gift-bags, we have the perfect solution for you with our mini soap bars.
At 50g they are smaller than our regular soaps, but made with just as much love and attention, here on the Avenue.
Your guests will remember their time with you long after they’ve left as they enjoy using their soap, which leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and beautifully soft, and with no nasties, they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
You and your guests will also be happy in the knowledge that, while our soaps natural scents last, the packaging won’t as our wrapping is kept to a minimum and fully compostable.
To create your unique mix of soap scents; please email to discuss your options or contact us through our socials
Instagram @theendoftheavenue