Our Story

The End of the Avenue – A Family-Run Business with a Passion for Simple Living and Quality Products

 Owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team, The End of the Avenue is a small business located in Little Ness. Angharad launched the business in 2015, and Dave later joined.

 The move to the End of the Avenue was driven by their desire to have more space and pursue their passions for simple living, beekeeping, growing their own food, and raising their children in a natural environment. Their home and garden provided the perfect setting to develop these interests and expand their dreams, which led to the creation of their unique shop.

 The products in their store reflect their passions and pastimes, such as the beeswax candles from their own hives and handmade soaps crafted from home-grown ingredients. They take pride in creating bespoke products that are environmentally friendly and affordable, reminiscent of the days of small cottage industries.

 At The End of the Avenue, they pour love and care into every product they make. They hope that their customers enjoy their shop as much as they love creating the amazing products that fill their home