Habitat Data Results - Honey

The results are in!
Last year I sent some samples of our honey to be analysed to find out what our bees have been feeding on. I was interested in seeing what was going into our honey, and therefore our Honey Soap, and to see where the bees foraged.
It turns out our bees visited at least 37 different species of plants last spring/summer and it turns out they they like: (in order of quantity)
Wood Forget-Me-Not
White clover
Wild Cherry
Broad Bean
Chinese Sour Cherry
Green Alkanet
Wild Marjoram
Creeping Thistle
Hemlock Water - Dropwort
Common Poppy
Stinking Hellebore
Cow Parsley
Crucifer (veg like broccoli, cauliflower & radish etc)
Trailing Bellflower
Annual Meadow-grass
Flowering currant
Spring Starflower

As with all well kept bees, the honey they produce is unique making our honey soap a one of a kind also. While I aim to plant for all pollinators, this report has been really interesting and useful to see as, while the bulk of the forage has been on agricultural crops, there are some plants that match our garden so the bees have not had to travel to far to get what they need.

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