Plastic Free July

Caring for the environment is just as important as caring for ourselves.

While our products do not contain plastic, we have been working very hard to ensure that our packaging and wrapping is also plastic free. It is important to us that our products are not only great to use, but also, that once they are gone there is nothing left behind to cause lasting damage to the environment.

We are part of Plastic Free Cheshire / Eco Communities who are one of over 800 Plastic Free Communities in the UK. Plastic Free Communities is a campaign set up by the national charity, Surfers Against Sewage, to empower people to take action against plastic pollution in their own neighbourhood. We recently won their Plastic Free Champion award and we're very proud of ourselves; it was even more satisfying to learn that we are the first business in Neston to have this award. 

If you'd like to start your start your plastic free journey here are some simple swaps you can make to help reduce your plastic consumption in your home.

1. Swap liquid soap in single use plastic containers for bar soap. Our range of Botanical Soaps can help you eliminate purchasing single use plastic and we have a great range to choose from, a few of which are:

Kombucha Soap is a natural exfoliator bar which is less hash on your skin than soaps and butters that use sea salt or poppy seeds, this leaving your skin super soft and ready for summer, eliminating the single plastic exfoliator wash.

Honey Soap our honey soap made using the honey from our own hives is full of antibacterial benefits its a perfect everyday soap locking in moisture when you are constantly washing your hands, this is a great for hand washing.

Nettle and Citrus the perfect travelling soap, refreshing and keeps those bug bites at bay. Ideal soap bar for campers and walkers taking up minimal space in your case.

2. Swap plastic wrap for a beeswax wrap.

We’ve always tried to minimise our waste but often find it hard to pull away from the plastic wrappers that seem to encase every item of food we buy. While it is hard, we believe that every little bit helps, and the bees have once again offered a helping hand in the kitchen as it is their spare wax that we use in our plastic free beeswax wraps.

Our beeswax wraps have come in so handy for keeping things fresh without the need for plastic film wrappers. They are made from 100% cotton cloth, coated in beeswax, and make mouldable covers for bowls or stay-put wraps for bread and fruit that happily sit in the fridge or get thrown into our lunch bags and, of course, can be used many times over. Not only do they look great and provide a good talking point, they really work well and help us feel like we are doing our bit to reduce our plastic usage. Not only that, they have made great emergency gifts for friends who love them.

20x20cm - Perfect for wrapping small food items like fruit or cheese.

30x30cm - These are great for wrapping your sandwiches.

40x40 cm – These are our bread loaf wraps to keep your bread fresh for longer.



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