Try a Wax Wrap in 2020

It seems so long ago that we saw in the New Year and this one, like so many before, passed without any resolutions being made.

That said, here at The End of the Avenue we have more ambitions and goals than ever and it looks like 2020 could be a busy year. As we welcome in the last month of Winter we are already making plans to be prepared for the big push when Spring arrives and potatoes need to be planted, seeds need to be in the Greenhouse, sheds need cleaning out, the chickens will start laying again (meaning endless cake bakes) and all the other chores that need doing as the year starts again. That being said, there is one thing that this doesn’t apply to, and that is the bees.

I always feel the bee year starts in September, making sure they have enough feed for the months ahead, making frames and repairing hives, varroa treatments and checking we have the things we need for the year ahead. It is all in preparation so that the hardest working animals here at The End of the Avenue start well and get on with the industry of raising brood and making honey for 2020 (please let this be a good weather year).

It is the bee’s industry that perhaps inspired one of this year’s goals. Bees are creatures of work and economy making the best of every opportunity to repair their hives, tend to their young, collect pollen, bring in the nectar and make sure that they waste nothing in their toil. And it is the idea of wasting nothing that has really caught our imagination, especially in a world of throw-away wrappers and an easy disposal mindset. We’ve always tried to minimise our waste but often find it hard to pull away from the plastic wrappers that seem to encase every item of food we buy. But, while it is hard, we do try our best as we are believers that every little bit helps, and it is the bees that have really provided us with a little bit of help in the kitchen.

Anything we make or cook can usually be stored in a covered bowl or wrapped up and our beeswax wraps have come in so handy for keeping things fresh without the need for plastic film wrappers. They are made from 100% cotton cloth, coated in beeswax, and make mouldable covers for bowls or stay-put wraps for bread and fruit that happily sit in the fridge or get thrown into our lunch bags and of course can be used many times over. Not only do they look great and provide a good talking point, they really work well and help us feel like we are doing our bit to reduce our plastic usage. Not only that, but they have made great emergency gifts for friends who love them.

All in all the bees have once again worked their magic and provided us with a brilliant, beautiful item that we love - beside the usual candles and honey (not that we aren’t grateful for those too).

Thank you bees, let’s see if we can give you a great year in 2020 too.


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