Kombucha Soap
Kombucha Soap
Kombucha Soap

Kombucha Soap

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We brew our Kombucha using our own live active culture. When carefully added to our soap, along with patchouli and sweet orange, it results in a pleasantly mildly-earthy (and only ever so slightly hippy) smell!

This soap rinses squeaky clean, leaving no residue, just incredibly soft skin.


Weight: 100g approx

Vegan friendly and palm oil free.

Made by hand using the traditional cold process method and only tested on willing people.

Customer Reviews

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Caroline Hodson
Such a luxurious soap

I am absolutely in love with this product. I have recently taken on the challenge of completely eliminating plastic bottles in my bathroom. This soap is so luxurious without the squeaky, tacky feeling that soaps have; it creates loads of bubbles and is so gentle on your skin. Matched with a Japanese exfoliating cloth (goshi), I no longer use moisturiser! Another win! I am already planning Christmas gifts, with these soaps, the soap dishes and some gorgeous honey too. Thank you.

So fragrant

Love this soap it’s fragrance travels throughout the home and lasts!

Smells amazing

This soap has such a unique amazing smell, full of natural ingredients it’s kind to the skin and leaves a long lasting wonderful smell.

Another favourite!

It’s hard to say which of these soaps is the best because they are all so lovely. All beautifully and naturally scented, leaving your skin feeling wonderful and fresh. I wouldn’t buy soap anywhere else ♥️

Thanks for sharing with us and the community.

Bought them all!

Everything about these soaps is perfect…the size, price, packaging and amazing smell! I love the way Ana is passionate about using locally sourced ingredients and the packaging is environmentally friendly. Each soap has its own characteristics and purpose but I bought two of each one as they make perfect gifts. Love that these are so carefully made locally.